Introducing Psychoconsult : Mental Health a Gift to be treasured



Psychoconsult helps families, couples, individuals and children with mental health, trauma, grief and life changes. Psychoconsult is a registered organization with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria in 2002.


Our Mission

In Psychoconsult we believe our psychological well-being as humans is intimately tied to the health and sustainability of our families, communities, and world.  We are dedicated to offering accessible counselling services that integrate a variety of psychotherapy approaches. Guided by these values, we provide: Psychotherapy for children, teens, adults, couples, families and groups


Our Focus

Psychotherapy provides such a rich opportunity for growth and learning, helping persons to recover from the aftermaths of trauma, abuse and loss, meet the hardships of their lives and thrive. With its commitment to affordability, and multi-cultural corps of eclectically trained clinicians, Psychoconsult is uniquely poised to meet the needs of these persons. Drawing from a wide variety of contemporary modalities, each of our clinicians is selected for their training, as well as their commitment to providing accessible, inclusive, holistic care.


Founder:EDWIN IFEATU MORAH is a practising psychotherapist for over thirty years. In the course of this, he has worked with adolescents going through various emotional and psychological problems. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

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